Fb Ads academy


What will you Learn?

Step 1 - Foundation

In the first part, We will be teaching the foundation of Facebook ads. Explaining the Auction ecosystem and Algorithm.

Step 3 - Optimization

Using data to make right decisions and getting more ROAS.

Step 2 - Building

This segment would cover from pixel setup to running campaign to building custom or LLA.

Step 4 - Strategies

Includes advanced methods like Pixel Hacking, Sneak Attack Method and more..

Why Learn from us?

Manik Sharma

More than 8+ years of experience in media buying with generating over million dollars worth of leads for B2B companies through paid channels. Also, Inventor of Pixel Hacking FB Method. 

Manik Sharma

Pankaj Sharma

Ran First Facebook Ad campaign in 2012 and generated over 5 figure in revenue from affiliate sales.  Used Fb to run multiple viral Adsense sites with 6+ Figures in revenue.

Pankaj Sharma

Running Facebook Ad  is the most high demand skill right now in the market. Anyone can run the Ads it’s not rocket science but one who can run efficiently is the one that will win in the long run.

What Would You Get ?

  • High quality digestible no fluff video lessons 
  • New Video every other day covering almost every topic related to FB Ads 
  • Access to Manik & Pankaj Exclusive FB Ads Academy group. 
  • Q/A sessions every week.
  • Premium SEO Backlinks Webinar Access ( Price Rs2,000)
  • Premium Blogging Launchpad course (Price Rs 699)
  • Lifetime access to course materials.
  • Digital Certificate of course completion.
  • and ..

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Q1) Udemy sells Fb course for $14, why should I buy from you?

Ans) First of all, you love and trust us. We are known for providing to the point working methods with no bullshit. Secondly, those courses are very beginner level and will not give you any competitive edge.

Q2) When this course will start?

Ans) To be Announced

Q3) Can I get a refund if I don’t like this course?

Ans) Do you get a refund from school? So, Nah bro or sis.

Q4) Which Language is used in this course?

Hinglish, Mixture of both English and Hindi. So, everyone can understand.

Q5) What if I can’t afford this course?

Ans) Work hard man! Do Part-time jobs and save money to buy it. Don’t play poor card here. If you want something in life, go and get it.

About us

Manik & Pankaj both are well known names in the digital marketing industry with over 8+ years experience running multiple businesses from apps to ecommerce.

Our mission

Our core mission is to provide quality digital marketing courses at fraction of cost with highest  quality knowledge.

Contact Us

  • info@popoindia.com
  • fb.com/popoindia